Thursday, April 24, 2008


¡SUPER ADELITA! April, 17, 2008

Taking their name from las Adelitas, the women of the Revolution who served as everything from colonels to cooks in the peasant armies of the era, the modern Adelitas are defending the people from the imperalists — or, at any rate, from opening PEMEX to foreign investments.

The PRD-affiliated group appears to be an outgrowth of “las blancas revolucianarios”, a pressure group set up to push for senior citizen pensions and regularly filled the Zocalo with protesting grannies… the AARP on steroids While some of the most active Adalitas have been “ladies of a certain age” the movement is growing and appears to have support from women of all ages within the Party.

The Adelitas have begun a blockade around the Mexican Senate to delay passage of the Calderon administration reform bill. Call it a “People’s Fillibuster” or a last-ditch effort by PRD, it’s in the tradition of Mexican political discourse… as much about theater as policy.

And… being Mexico… you need a super-hero, or super heroine: A rapping super-heroine is even better.

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