Friday, January 16, 2009

Tribute to Grace in Chicago

Saturday, Feb 14, 4:30-5:45pm Boulevard Room A,B,C 2nd Floor S191 Hilton Chicago.
There's a Grace tribute scheduled for the AWP (Associated Writing Programs) convention: Tribute to Grace Paley by Glad Day Books. (Bárbara Selfridge, Eva Kollisch, Gerry Albarelli, Leora Skolkin-Smith, Robert Nichols) Grace Paley, who died at age 84 in 2007, was a beloved writer and activist. She was also, in her last decade, an editor and publisher. Grace's fellow publisher/writer/activist husband Bob Nichols and other Glad Day authors pay homage to the writing and life of the woman who was their supporter, publisher and friend. Included is documentary footage of Grace at home and reading her own stories and from Fidelity, her posthumous collection of poems.

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