Friday, February 6, 2009

Theater Opening in March in San Diego

Thanks for your wonderful blog on Grace Paley. She inspired many women of a "certain generation" (I was one of them) and continues to inspire younger folks of today.

I can trace the influence of her work on me back to the 1970s, when I was a young mother in NYC trying to figure out how to balance intimacy and creativity in my life, with, at the time, one small boy who took up, to use Grace's language, all my "lumpen time and bourgeois feelings".

I went on to teach women's studies for the next thirty years or so and then left the university to write full time.

I have just finished a play, based on Grace Paley's The Collected Stories. "Acts of Faith," written in collaboration with Sharyn C. Blumenthal, who will direct, will premiere in San Diego in March 2009.

Maybe you can make a trip out here to see it at the small non-profit theater where I am managing director, and where it will be produced? for info.

Kathy Jones

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