Saturday, March 21, 2009

March BEYOND the Pentagon to the Arms Makers

It's the 6th anniversary of the Iraq War. The March 21 ended in front of the VA corporate offices of General Dynamics and KBR-and a whole pile of Virginia State Police in full riot gear. Two provocateurs dressed as Black Bloc members were spotted behind police lines, as was a light armored vehicle.

While the mainstream press reported only "hundreds" of protesters, China's Xinhua News Agency reported that 170 cardboard coffins draped with US, Iraq, and other flags were carried. For less than 1,000 protesters, at least one in 10 would have had to be coffin bearers, so with coffin bearers nowhere near that high a percentsage, yet the number of coffins at 170, the total turnout must be higher.

The march that nominally went to the Pentagon went right by the Pentagon-to go after war contractors. It was in front of a building containing Boeing and a "contractor" or mercenary firm specializing in electronics that the APOC blockade of the march occurred. This blockade forced the march to stay on this target longer and approach it more closely (on the sidewalk).

The final stopping point was well beyond the Pentagon, at the Crystal City office plaza containing a big office tower labeled "General Dynamics." The offices of Kellog-Brown-Root(KBR) a former subsidiary of Halliburton, were at the very end of the stopping point area.An armored vehicle stood guard.

Riot cops menaced the protesters to such a degree that the very Black Bloc that had earlier participated in the APOC blockade had to turn around and deploy forward to protect those bearing the flag draped coffins from all those riot cops!A tiny counterprotest threatens Jane Fonda with LYNCHING!

These photos and words are from one of the best of the US indymedia sites.

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