Friday, October 23, 2009

Massachusetts Review publishes Grace Paley issue

The Massachusetts Review is continuing its 50th birthday celebration with a special issue honoring the late Grace Paley.
An activist, poet and award-winning master of the short story, Paley died in 2007. She is best known for two story collections: The Little Disturbances of Man (1959) and Enormous Changes at the Last Minute (1974). In recent years she was a frequent participant in the campus' Juniper Summer Writing Institute. Guest-edited by Dara Wier, Chris Bachelder, Noy Holland and Lisa Olstein, the issue includes manuscript pages, photos, previously unpublished interviews, previously uncollected fiction and essays and many remembrances of the iconic iconoclast Paley was and is.
Among the contributors are Grace Paley, Nora Paley, Lisa Olstein, Noy Holland, Jules Chametzky, Mark Doty, Chris Bachelder, Padget Powell, Terry Gross, Naomi Nye, John J. Clayton, Matthew Zapruder, Gillian Conoley, Faye S. Wolfe and Gordon Lish.
Massachusetts Review is available in Amherst at Hastings, Amherst Books and Food for Thought Books, and in Northampton at Broadside Bookshop. Copies may also be obtained from the MR office in South College, 413 545-2689.

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