Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Women and Political Participation

CountryYear women received right to vote or stand for electionYear  women first elected (E) or appointed (A) to parliament% Parliamentary Seats Occupied by Women 1995        2008                   Jan. 2011
Algeria19621962 (A)77.77.7
Egypt19561957 (E)21.812.7
Iran19631963 (A)42.82.8
Iraq19801980 (E)1125.525.2
Jordan19741989 (A)1610.8
Kuwait20052009 (E)007.7
Lebanon19521991 (A)24.73.1
Morocco19631993 (E)110.510.5
Saudi Arabia****000
Syria19531973 (E)1012.412.4
Turkey19301934 (E)9.19.1
Tunisia19591959 (E)722.827.6
UAE20062006 (A)022.522.5
Yemen1967***1990 (E+)100.3
Sources: Interparliamentary Union, Women in National Parliaments http://www.ipu.org/wmn-e/classif.htm last accessed February 2011; and UN, The World’s Women 2000, Table 6A and its updated on-line version as of 28 June 2005. +No information or confirmation available ** Women’s right to vote and to stand for election not yet recognized. *** Refers to the former People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen

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