Tuesday, May 20, 2014

NYU Holds Graduation in the Re-Designed Park

Grace's partner, Bob Nichols had worked with the Greenwich Village Community for many years to create a Washington Square Park design that would accommodate the needs of the entire community, not just the big institution on one end of the park.
Here is Bob speaking about the park in a tape I made in Thetford.

Liza Bear, a NY artist and filmmaker who has followed the park's history and current "redesign" has posted this note and the following photos.

NYU faculty dodging the puddles. At the behest of NYU admin, not faculty or students, New York City Parks Dept spent $40 million to move Washington Sq fountain 23 feet to the east, relocate the two statues, amputate at least 32 trees, flatten the fountain plaza and generally wreck Robert Nichols' beautiful design developed with the community, so that NYU could hold its graduation ceremony in Washington Square.

Liza Bear's photo.

Liza Bear's photo.

Here is a film by Liza Bear made in 2005 with an interview with Bob Nichols.

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