Sunday, March 26, 2017

Remembering Greenham Common and Seneca Falls

An April 1 1983, 70,000 people marched in the UK against the missile deployment at Greenham Common. This base was a center for the Women’s Peace Camp there. A solidarity encampment was held at a base in Seneca Falls, NY.

The photo of Grace on this blog is from Seneca Falls and is described in a book by Helene Aylon: “...we moved to the Seneca Army Depot in upstate New York to call attention to the missiles being deployed from there to the military site at Greenham Common in England. The poet/activist Grace Paley was at the site and in a brilliant moment of political theater, cut holes in her pillowcase for her arms and head so she could wear it. At first the artist in me winced, but the picture of Grace in her pillowcase became an iconic antiwar image. And when other women followed Grace, the soft shield of the pillowcase giving them the courage to clime the Army fence, I was humbled.
   “A young guard approached me to ask if he could hang a pillowcase in the police headquarters. I said I could not remove any that were meant for the army fence, but that I’d get a few women from the peace encampment to make a new pillowcase especially for him. I like to think that guard quit his job because of this piece of cloth.”  from Whatever is Contained Must be Released by Helene Aylon.
Grace at Seneca Falls
The following photos are from
  an article in the Guardian today.

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Ms. said...

I was at Seneca Falls and have reams of photographs and slides, and I was also at the United Nations and have more photographs and slides of that. I wish I could share but have no means now...seventy four and living close in New York City. Email me if you have any ideas about the photography because it seems a shame to have it hidden away in boxes here (